Buckle – Well Worn

Building customer connections with content-rich tabloids

Art Direction, Campaign, Event Materials, Image Book, Marketing Materials, Web Assets


The Buckle Inc. is a major player in American fashion retail, offering a wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories that cater to diverse customer demographics. With a significant national presence, The Buckle turned to Design Ranch to spearhead a compelling Spring marketing campaign to bolster customer engagement across its retail landscape. For dozens of seasons, Design Ranch has been instrumental in conceiving and crafting campaigns for Buckle that live across every touch point of the shopping experience — both online and in-store. This assignment revolved around embracing the spirit of spring, with the focal point of promoting the timeless and iconic symbol of casual style: jeans.


We developed a series of content-rich tabloids under the theme “Well Worn” – “Worn Well,” an engaging description that resonated with the product’s finish and consumers’ emotional connection with their jeans. These tabloids featured articles on music and fashion, creating an immersive environment for shoppers and connecting them with the Buckle brand. Placed in custom newspaper racks within the stores, the tabloids captivated customers and encouraged them to explore Buckle’s online channels for more content and products. Remarkably, the tabloids became highly sought-after, with some customers reselling them on eBay, underscoring the success of our approach in creating engaging, collectible marketing materials that deepened customer engagement and loyalty.