Lee Jeans – Fun with Dick & Jean

Fusing retro charm with a modern flair

Art Direction, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Photography


Lee Jeans asked Design Ranch to create a marketing piece to connect with the company’s target Lee Authentics buyers. The piece needed to leverage the nostalgic familiarity of the classic “Fun with Dick and Jane” books while feeling smart and playfully irreverent. The core objective was to weave together nostalgia and contemporary style elements, ensuring the campaign resonated with consumers by combining the old with the new in a fresh and engaging way.


Design Ranch developed a campaign that leveraged the whimsy and familiarity of the “Fun with Dick and Jane” aesthetic while infusing Lee Jeans with an artful, off-kilter spirit. The clever, playful language was coupled with art direction that honored the Lee brand heritage while feeling fresh and contemporary. It provided a solution that fused retro nostalgia with current style in an unexpected yet intuitive blend. This approach reflected the eclectic tastes of young tastemakers seeking authenticity and individuality at retail.