Buckle – Homecoming

Launching fall fashion with nostalgia

Art Direction


American retailer The Buckle Inc. is widely recognized for its contemporary styles and quality merchandise, serving diverse demographics with a broad spectrum of fashion choices that align with current trends and individual preferences. The company approached Design Ranch to spearhead the creation of a new Back-to-School catalog. The primary objective was to curate an innovative, customer-centric marketing strategy, leveraging the catalog across in-store, print, and online platforms, forging a unified brand identity and strengthening customer connections.


For the fall line photoshoot, Design Ranch chose Austin, Texas, a city with a vibrant cultural mix that provided the ideal backdrop for capturing the theme of returning home after a time away. Relaxed settings, vintage props, and natural lighting used in the imagery highlighted the fall clothing line’s warm colors and muted patterns. The intentional fusion of traditional and contemporary visual elements aimed to establish a customer connection, evoking both familiarity and modernity. This deliberate choice of location allowed the imagery not only to showcase the collection’s aesthetics but also to resonate emotionally, aligning with the brand’s narrative of a nostalgic homecoming.