Eleven Twenty-Two

The power of numbers in elevated design

Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, Packaging


Inspired by the master angel numbers 11 and 22, the Eleven Twenty-Two Candle Co. represents a fusion of higher vision, dreams, and goals (11) with work, productivity, and the ability to turn these dreams into reality (22). Faced with the challenge to evolve, the company wanted to rebrand in a way that built upon these foundational elements, aiming to create a refreshed identity that resonated with motivation and positive energy. The rebranding needed to position Eleven Twenty-Two Candle Co. not just as a candle retailer but as a brand that inspires and energizes its customers to pursue their dreams and goals while maintaining the essence of the master numbers that define its core.


In rebranding Eleven Twenty-Two Candle Co., we developed a unique identity that merges curiosity and sophistication. The centerpiece is a logotype, cleverly integrating the letter ‘N’ with the number 11, symbolizing the brand’s foundational concept of vision and productivity. The dominant use of black adds an element of sophistication and mystery, distinguishing the brand in the market. Our new tagline, “Abandon Common Scents,” playfully invites consumers to explore unique and refreshing aromas, transforming their spaces into sanctuaries of positive energy. This rebranding strategy goes beyond visual aesthetics, deeply embedding the company’s values and vision into every aspect, from product selection to customer engagement, creating a compelling and inspirational brand experience.