Empowering women through preparedness

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Boltwell is dedicated to creating modern emergency preparedness kits that seamlessly blend fashion with functionality. The kits are tailored for individuals who value being well-prepared for unexpected emergencies and disasters. Recognizing the rising interest in survival supplies among women, Boltwell took the proactive step of collaborating with Design Ranch, aiming to create a brand uniquely suited to this previously overlooked market segment. By doing so, Boltwell sought to harness the momentum of this emerging prepper trend and establish a strong connection with a wider audience sharing an interest in preparedness and safety.


To appeal to women, especially those with children, our strategy focused on highlighting the advantages of preparedness for both sheltering in place and being on the move. The tortoise symbol served as a compelling representation of Boltwell’s comprehensive coverage, whether for minor emergencies or significant crises, resonating strongly with our target audience. Concurrently, this symbol reflected the style and practicality that define Boltwell’s product line. The successful brand launch underscored its appeal to women and demonstrated Boltwell’s effectiveness in addressing their concerns and priorities related to emergency preparedness.