Hall Family Foundation – Inspiring Growth

Demonstrating growth through annual report content and design

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Editorial


The Hall Family Foundation sought to create an annual report that would effectively communicate their unwavering support for local philanthropic organizations focused on enriching the lives of Kansas City’s youth. The report needed to highlight the impact of these organizations on children’s health, education, and family engagement, while also emphasizing the Foundation’s steadfast commitment to the community.


Design Ranch conceptualized the “Inspiring Growth” annual report with a focus on the formative years of a child’s life. The design was inspired by the future of Kansas City—its children. The report was structured to expand physically as the reader progresses through the different stages of childhood, symbolizing growth and development. Through a thoughtful combination of engaging visuals and compelling narratives, the report highlighted the significant impact of the Hall Family Foundation’s funding on the community, effectively conveying the message of growth and support for the city’s youngest residents.