KCMO CDE – Growing Impact

Celebrating economic growth

Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Editorial


The Kansas City Missouri Community Development Entity (KCMO CDE) continues to grow its impact, assisting low-income communities by supporting economic growth opportunities. With their work involving numerous specialized programs and unfamiliar acronyms, they turned to Design Ranch for help in creating an annual report that effectively communicated this complex information.


Design Ranch created an annual report, titled “Growing Impact,” that celebrated KCMO CDE’s increasing ability to support economic growth in low-income communities. The theme “Growing Impact” was brought to life with creative splitting of type headlines and neon short sheets, creating a strong typographic presence. Black and white photography paired with yellow short sheets provided a striking contrast, drawing readers in and encouraging them to turn each page. This design effectively highlighted the expanding reach and influence of KCMO CDE’s efforts.