Truman Library Institute – TRU Magazine

Blending history and modern design

Art Direction, Branding, Editorial Design


The Truman Library Institute, dedicated to preserving and promoting U.S. history and the legacy of President Harry S. Truman, presented a unique challenge to Design Ranch: the creation of a new magazine design for their donor publication. This project was more than a design task; it was an opportunity to reflect the Institute’s mission of educating and engaging the public in history and governance. The goal was to develop a magazine with a timeless aesthetic that would not only align with the Institute’s brand identity but also adapt and evolve. This design needed to appeal to a diverse audience, ranging from historians to scholars, and effectively showcase content that honors President Truman’s legacy and the Institute’s educational objectives.


Design Ranch crafted a magazine design and new name, “TRU,” combining modern aesthetics with a durable structure. The design featured clean lines, a robust grid system, and effective use of white space, creating a visually appealing and coherent look. The typographical hierarchy was carefully planned to ensure consistency across issues. As our relationship with the Truman Library Institute progressed, the design demonstrated flexibility within its original framework, showcasing Design Ranch’s ability to maintain a consistent yet adaptable visual identity for TRU. This approach met the Institute’s need for a magazine design that could evolve while staying true to its mission and brand.