Aslan Foundation

Driving positive change

Art Direction, Branding, Copywriting, Business Collateral, Design, Marketing Materials, UX, Website


The Aslan Foundation approached Design Ranch with the need for a professional and sophisticated brand that accurately represented its unique organizational focus. With 25 years of experience in preserving beauty, enhancing livability, and supporting cultural assets in Knoxville, Tennessee, the foundation’s efforts and achievements were not widely known.


To raise awareness and amplify the foundation’s impact, Design Ranch created an identity for Aslan that effectively showcased its philanthropic work while encapsulating its cultural essence. The deconstructed logo, made with geometric elements, conveyed the Aslan Foundation’s identity in a straightforward manner. By using neutral colors, emotive imagery, and distinct materials in their marketing, a cohesive and uniform image was presented, reinforcing the foundation’s commitment to the Greater Knoxville community. This approach effectively conveyed their brand narrative in an engaging and effective manner.