Domtar Paper Trails – Finding the Perfect Line

Navigating paper weights with mountain biking thrills

Art Direction, Campaign, Copywriting, Design, Editorial, Naming


Domtar Paper wanted to create an educational book that effectively showcased their Cougar paper product line. The primary focus was on basis weights, their uses, and the various effects they can achieve. The challenge was to present this technical information in an engaging and visually appealing way, ensuring it would capture the interest of a diverse audience.


Design Ranch took inspiration from the thrill of mountain biking to create “Finding the Perfect Line.” This book seamlessly blends paper education with the adventurous spirit of outdoor activities. Utilizing a vibrant color palette, including unique neon Pantones, the design features stunning imagery of mountain bikers in various locations. Special effects such as a topographic emboss, tire prints on Cougar’s heavyweight paper, black metallic foil on uncoated paper, and gloss UV finishes bring the content to life. This approach not only educates but also captivates, transforming the technical details of paper weights into a visually dynamic and immersive experience.