Charlotte Street Foundation

Inspiring artist engagement

Strategy, Brand Identity, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, UX, Environment


For more than 20 years, Charlotte Street Foundation has worked to support, challenge, and empower Kansas City artists. When the organization determined its brand image did not reflect its core mission, Charlotte Street turned to Design Ranch for help. The revamped brand needed to resonate with artists across diverse disciplines — individuals passionate about pushing boundaries, fostering inclusivity, encouraging collaboration, and pursuing excellence in their creative endeavors. Simultaneously, the revitalized image needed to serve as a catalyst, inspiring philanthropic and cultural leaders nationwide to actively engage with the vibrant and thriving Kansas City arts community.


Design Ranch harnessed the simplicity and impact of black-and-white typography as a canvas to spotlight the creativity and innovation inherent in Charlotte Street’s roster of artists. Marketing materials were crafted to convey a message of openness and a willingness to embrace shifting viewpoints, urging the artists and their audiences to explore new horizons. The language used in the materials was carefully selected to inspire a mindset that welcomed change and fresh perspectives. Even the new logo subtly encouraged exploration and risk-taking. Incorporating the letter “C” as a keyhole was a symbolic entry point into a world of unanticipated possibilities, embodying the spirit of exploration and risk-taking. This simple yet impactful design element captured the essence of Charlotte Street Foundation’s mission, inviting all to venture into the realm of the unexpected and discover the transformative power of the arts.