Fishtank Theatre

Capturing the magic of alternative theater

Strategy, Branding, Art Direction, Messaging


Fishtank Theatre approached Design Ranch about rebranding and enhancing its marketing materials. Known for its experimental and unconventional performances, Fishtank Theatre’s mission revolves around fostering new creative work and encouraging theatrical entrepreneurship, with a focus on fresh and progressive content. The artists involved are fearless in their approach, challenging conventional ideas of success and failure in the world of theater.


We redesigned the logo, incorporating playful typography and an inventive illustrative style. Drawing inspiration from Fishtank Theatre’s irreverent persona, we introduced a whimsical family of fish characters, seamlessly integrating them into the marketing materials. We employed stream-of-consciousness language to mirror the theater’s collaborative ethos and commitment to innovative content. This revamped brand authentically encapsulated the essence of the nomadic performance company, successfully rekindling the interest of existing audiences while attracting new enthusiasts to the unique world of Fishtank Theatre.