Unicorn Theatre

Enticing theater-goers with evolving promotional design that captivates attention and sells tickets

Design, Illustration


Unicorn Theatre stages contemporary plays and musicals never performed in Kansas City before. Since 2014, the Unicorn has partnered with Design Ranch to help promote their seasonal selections with cleverness and depth. Each year we evolve the designs to get the attention of theatergoers and continue to draw a crowd.


The promotional material for every show is designed for dual effect. Each piece acts as an effective advertisement for individual performances but also aligns with others in the series to create a high-impact campaign. Taking our lead from the season’s line-up, we have used bold, black brushstroke illustrations, applied visual metaphors to the artwork, and added a bold modern color palette. As the performances continue to change, so does the promotional design. The work stays fresh and edgy, portraying the theatre’s urban, alternative vibe and capturing the nature of each body of work.