Artist Inc

Making art work

Strategy, Branding, Art Direction, Naming, Marketing Materials


Design Ranch joined the Mid-America Arts Alliance to create a compelling visual identity for Artist INC, a business training program for artists. The goal was to appeal to artists of all kinds and encourage participation. Artist INC is an innovative professional development initiative empowering artists to manage their careers effectively and unlock new opportunities. It specifically addresses the unique business challenges artists face in their respective fields, blending creativity with business know-how to guide artists in navigating entrepreneurship and realizing their artistic visions. The collaboration ensured that the branding and messaging aligned with the program’s essence, inviting artists to take charge of their creative journeys.


Design Ranch played a pivotal role in revitalizing Artist INC’s branding and materials, which previously were photocopy-printed and lacked visual appeal. We reimagined course materials like the guide and journals to inspire artists using them. The tagline “Make Art Work” had a dual meaning, urging artists to create art while emphasizing the importance of making a living from their craft. The rebranding effort saw a significant increase in interest from artists and supporters, enabling program expansion into other regions and attracting support from the Walton Foundation and Mellon Foundation. The new visual identity effectively represents Artist INC’s mission of empowering artists with the skills and resources needed for entrepreneurial success, evident in bold slogans and vibrant imagery showcasing the energy and professionalism of the program.

"Artist INC provides artists of all disciplines with the education, tools and resources they need to develop their entrepreneurial skills, so it was important that Artist INC’s new visual identity reflect the energy and professionalism surrounding such programs. To accomplish this, Kansas City–based studio Design Ranch printed the slogan “Make Art Work” in bold letters across binders, pencils and more. In one photographic poster Design Ranch created for the identity, a woman dances with powerful arms; in another, a man leans over a table to draw. And throughout it all bursts pops of yellow and magenta, bright reminders that Artist INC nurtures verve and enlightenment across the fine arts community"