Artist Inc – 10×10 Digital Annual

Marking a decade of success

Strategy, Campaign, UX/UI


Artist INC is an arts organization committed to empowering artists to realize successful careers fueled by their passions. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Artist INC entrusted Design Ranch with the task of creating a distinct and impactful campaign. The goal was to pay tribute to the artists whose lives have been significantly transformed through the program and celebrate the remarkable milestones they’ve achieved in their professional journeys. This initiative showcased the considerable influence that Artist INC has had in fostering a vibrant community of successful creators and nurturing artistic talent.


We proposed a custom website that would spotlight 10 artists and vividly showcase their unique narratives. Our strategic approach involved crafting an engaging and immersive digital experience, weaving together captivating artist stories using custom-designed visuals, including striking photography, compelling video content, and a multi-layered storytelling approach. This methodology empowered us to curate compelling narratives that resonated deeply, making them highly shareable and significantly boosting the site’s impressions. The campaign demonstrated a merger of technology and creativity to offer a platform that not only celebrated the artists but also resonated with a broader audience, amplifying the impact and reach of their stories.

From concept to completion, Design Ranch provided exceptional insight, consultation, and design of the Artist INC 10-year anniversary digital publication. The 10×10 publication provided a dynamic and in-depth window into our program, the artists in the program, and our collective history in a slick and experiential way.

David Wayne Reed _ Constituent Engagement Specialist