Billies Grocery

Healthy food for foodies

Naming, Branding, Copywriting, Art Direction, Marketing Materials, Packaging, Environment, Product Photography


Nutritionist Robin Krause engaged Design Ranch to establish the brand for her new restaurant—a place in Kansas City catering to food enthusiasts by serving flavorful, nutrient-rich whole meals and treats.



Design Ranch formulated the brand’s name and identity. The name was inspired by Krause’s father, Billie, who fostered her culinary passion. The logo and monogram, combining sophistication with playfulness through clean lines, were conceived to mirror the restaurant’s focus on clean eating. The marketing and menu content adopted a grocery-list style infused with clever wordplay, spotlighting the ingredients in a spirited manner. The black-and-white typography was harnessed as an attention-grabbing visual tool, appealing to food aficionados and underscoring the brand’s dual objectives: to provide delectable dishes that tantalize the palate while bolstering overall well-being.