Hemma Hemma

Crafting a home away from home

Branding, Business Collateral, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials, Packaging, Signage


When Hemma Hemma, a new restaurant and cafe in Kansas City, sought to transition from an online-only presence to a brick-and-mortar establishment, the company faced the challenge of rebranding to reflect its core mission of providing a warm and welcoming “at home” atmosphere. The goal was to transform a digital concept into a physical reality, translating its unique take-home food offerings into a captivating dining experience. Design Ranch was tasked with the challenge of creating a brand that would embody the essence of Hemma Hemma’s homey and eclectic vision, evoking a sense of comfort and belonging.


Design Ranch embarked on a journey to craft a brand that would make patrons feel like they were stepping into their own cozy haven. Informed by the Swedish word “Hemma,” which means “home,” our logo design and icon package were influenced by Scandinavian aesthetics to infuse a touch of warmth and familiarity with a hint of whimsy and nostalgia. By artfully incorporating a variety of patterns and eclectic elements, our design beautifully captured the mishmash charm that makes Hemma Hemma special. In addition to the visual identity, we extended our creative expertise to craft apparel, social media templates, signage, and collateral, ensuring a seamless and inviting brand experience. The result is a brand that radiates the warmth and hospitality of home, graciously welcoming patrons into the heart of Hemma Hemma’s Scandinavian-inspired culinary journey.