Positioning pizza as a new gourmet standard

Branding, Business Collateral, Design, Interior Integration, Signage


Pizzabella aimed to redefine the pizza dining experience in Kansas City, seeking to appeal to an upscale, urban clientele without losing the essence of what makes a pizza place inviting. The main challenge was to shift public perception and attract a market that historically hadn’t shown much interest in high-end pizza restaurants, creating an atmosphere that would draw in both food enthusiasts and the local hipster community.


Design Ranch developed Pizzabella’s brand identity with a modern logo, contemporary color, and a modern argyle pattern, applying it across all customer touchpoints for a consistent, upscale feel. We worked closely with El Dorado Architects to bring the brand into the space. The interior was designed with an industrial chic look, showcasing the wood-fired ovens as a central focal point. The menu emphasized gourmet ingredients and farm-to-table dishes. A strategic marketing push on social media with local influencers promoted the new concept, which later opened in multiple locations across the city.