Woodside Kitchen & Bar

Developing an impactful secondary brand that reflects the identity of its parent

Branding, Business Collateral, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials, Packaging, Signage


When tasked with crafting the brand identity for Woodside Village’s Kitchen & Bar, Design Ranch faced the challenge of encapsulating the essence of the restaurant’s commitment to providing healthy, high-quality dining experiences. The goal was to develop a unique and inviting brand image seamlessly integrated with the overarching Woodside Club brand while maintaining its distinct identity.


Drawing inspiration from Woodside Village’s dedication to sourcing the finest ingredients and promoting wellness, Design Ranch embarked on a journey to create a brand image that mirrored the Kitchen’s ethos of freshness and balance. Through carefully selecting design elements and striking black-and-white photography, we crafted a brand aesthetic that resonated with the Woodside brand while establishing a clear and recognizable identity for the Kitchen & Bar. By infusing the brand with a sense of vibrancy and sophistication, we ensured that it not only complemented the Woodside Club experience but also stood out as a destination for discerning diners seeking wholesome and delicious culinary offerings.