Zarda Bar-B-Q

Nurturing loyalty while welcoming growth

Branding, Copywriting, Art Direction, Packaging, Illustration, Marketing Materials


Zarda Bar-B-Q, a long-standing presence in the Kansas City barbecue scene for over five decades, approached Design Ranch for a brand refresh. While maintaining its dedication to loyal, long-time customers, Zarda sought to expand its appeal to a new generation of barbecue enthusiasts. Our task was to infuse Zarda’s branding with a fresh and modern feel while preserving its rich history and solidifying its recognition among Kansas City establishments.


We aimed to connect with everyday customers by creating the “Everyman” persona to reach a broader audience. The strategy inspired new messaging that encouraged customers to try new menu items. We updated the logo, expanded Zarda’s presence in restaurants and grocery stores, and gave more attention to the company’s sauces, beans, and rubs. Although Zarda Bar-B-Q had a strong reputation, it was not widely known in the barbecue sauce market. To address this, we used clear labels and straightforward typography to make its products stand out from competitors. These changes helped Zarda attract more customers and enhanced its appeal in the market.

We see greatness and we see the vision. We aren’t used to getting so much thinking and collaboration. The repackaging of our products resulted in an overall sales increase for beans and sauces.

Terry Hyer _ Zarda C.O.O.