Crafting a unique dining identity

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Design Ranch was asked to develop the brand for Corvino, a supper club in Kansas City, led by award-winning chef Michael Corvino and his wife Christina. The brand needed to capture the essence of Corvino’s unique concept, which featured a diverse menu showcasing ingredients from around the world. We were tasked with crafting a brand identity that celebrated the exceptional cuisine and conveyed the warmth and sophistication of the dining experience, creating a narrative that would resonate with guests and set Corvino apart as a culinary destination.


Design Ranch developed a brand for Corvino that seamlessly integrated the meaning of its name, “raven,” with the vision of its owners, highlighting the raven’s curious, inventive, and collective attributes as a parallel to Corvino’s culinary expertise. Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s name, we carefully curated the color palette, textures, and materials. The brand adopts a dark color scheme and sleek lines to convey a refined dining experience. Utilizing abstract nature photography from Michael’s birthplace in the Pacific Northwest added an authentic touch. We ensured that the Corvino brand permeated every aspect of the dining experience, creating a contemporary and slightly masculine ambiance that echoed the raven-inspired concept.

This connection was not lost on Kansas City, Missouri–based Design Ranch when it started conceptualizing a brand to represent the eatery. The design agency unearthed inspiration from corvino, combining a dark color palette, glossy textures and sumptuous materials into an identity that takes flight.


Thank you for putting so much heart and effort into our branding campaign. Our team is truly blown away by your talents and recognize that we have our work cut out for us—in a good way

Christina Corvino, Corvino