Creating a sophisticated brand that honors a chef's journey and culinary experience

Branding, Copywriting, Collateral, Design, Interior Brand Integration, Marketing Materials, Packaging, Signage, Website


Design Ranch developed a brand for the Corvino supper club that reflects both the meaning of its name (raven) and the vision of its owners, award-winning chef Michael Corvino and his wife Christina. The name provided the inspiration behind the color palette, textures, and materials. The curious, inventive, and collective nature of the raven parallels Corvino’s culinary intellect and ability to create unique plates using ingredients from all over the world.


Our approach captured the confidence, intellect, mystique, and playfulness displayed by ravens in the wild, paralleling Corvino’s take on cuisine. A dark color palette and sleek lines reflect the refined dining experience. Abstract photography of nature that is native to Michael’s birthplace, the pacific northwest, builds the sophistication of the space and tells an authentic story about the menu. From the website to the last bite, the brand is felt through every aspect of the Corvino experience.