Breaking tradition to embody the offerings of a specialty coffeehouse

Offering reliably delicious food, Mildred’s was looking to break out of the traditional coffee shop mold, but needed to establish a uniform brand. So, in an effort to better represent the atmosphere and offerings, Design Ranch rebranded the cafe with a modern vintage look. Using bright designs, the tagline “Feed ‘Em Good” and other witty language, we helped create a social appeal that left Mildred’s looking and feeling as good as their food.

We sought Design Ranch for its award-winning design talents and impeccable portfolio diversity. We wanted our new brand to have a lively personality, social appeal, and eye-catching design, yet still refrain from the trendy monotony of the typical urban coffee shop. The responses to our new look were incredible! Immediately, social media posts, followers, and likes increased over 300% after the launch of the rebrand – making us feel so loved! Thanks, Design Ranch!

Evan Ashby _ Owner, Mildred’s