Enriching the market for traditional Greek pastry

Strategy, Naming, Branding, Copywriting, Design, Marketing Materials, Art Direction, Packaging


A direct importer of Greek goods asked Design Ranch to develop a brand name and packaging for a new line of bakery products that included authentic Greek items like bougatsa, striftari, and pita bread. The challenge was to create a brand name that would capture the essence of Greek culture and describe the delicious food products offered by the company. It required striking the right balance between cultural authenticity, sensory appeal and marketability, making it a complex creative task.


To bring this new brand to life, we chose the name ZoZoi, which means “Live Life” in Greek. The name perfectly captures the essence of the brand’s mission — celebrating and savoring life by delighting in authentic Greek bakery products. We transformed traditional Greek statues into quirky illustrated collages, creatively integrating ingredients that hint at various Greek flavors. Then, we whimsically placed kitschy gold foil accents on the packaging and marketing materials to add to the over-the-top Greek style. These carefully chosen elements collectively formed a powerful and appealing brand identity, embracing the rich Greek culture while effectively conveying the idea of savoring life’s pleasures through the enjoyment of delicious food. This strategic combination ultimately resulted in creating a solid and compelling brand identity.